Modern Motherhood [№15]: Katie Perkes

Posted: Jul 18 2015

Katie Perkes is a beautiful mother of two boys and a talented photographer. We loved her pictures and thoughts she shared with us about motherhood! You can follow her on Instagram @katieperkes, @katieperkesphotography, and

What is your favorite part about being a mother?
My favorite part about being a mother is knowing that these tiny humans need me. Not only do they need me, but they love me! They wrap their chubby little fingers around mine tightly or little arms pull me in and whisper,"Best buddies ever." They need me, but I need them so much more. And that love they share with me is pure magic!

What do you want most for your child?
I want my children to be happy and to be loved. No matter how our days go, I want them to know how crazy I am about them and I want them to be the happiest boys on the block! I also want them to grow up knowing who they are and what they stand for. They are going to face a lot in their lifetimes, many things I wish I could shield away from them! But if they grow up in a happy house, with loving parents, and are have good values, I know they will do great things. 

Describe your perfect day as a mother?

My perfect day with my boys is not extravagant. It's me, being patient and giving of my time. It's sword fights, dance parties, and painting at the kitchen table. It's countless kisses for the baby's cheeks, and doing all I can to hear his little giggles. It's a good nap for the toddler and a quiet afternoon with the baby. It's an endless supply of otter pops and playing in the backyard until the sun turns golden. Bubble baths, story time, and laying by them until they drift off asleep. Simple, yet I know they are going to bed happy and that is all that really matters. 

How did becoming a mother change you?
Motherhood has definitely changed me for the better. It stretches me, pushes my limits, and tests patience. Some days are just plain hard! However, I feel like by being a mother, I am being shaped and molded into the person I am meant to be. It's not only a part of me, but it's who I am! I would be lost without my little ones. They have made me more selfless, more patient, and more happy than I ever could have dreamed of being! They are my happiness. 

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